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The Real Threat of Cyber Crime

Digital technology isn’t going anywhere, and unfortunately, neither is cyber crime. Along with significantly impacting the local and global economies, cyber crime potentially threatens your company’s future by resulting in the loss of intellectual property, tarnishing your brand’s reputation, and sending current customers straight to your competitors because they have lost trust in you.

Whether it be hacking, identity theft, or malicious software, cybercrime is amongst the biggest threats to your business. Another valid concern is insider threats, whether it be from employees, contractors or partners. It is no wonder that leading companies worldwide, in virtually every industry, are increasing the amount of funds they allocate toward information security to better defend against and respond to Internet-based threats.

Red Team vs. Blue Team

In cyber security, there is a Red Team and a Blue Team. These terms, taken from military jargon, provide a way to look at the sets of quality strategies we provide you.

Red Team Services

There may be hidden vulnerabilities in your network or another part of your system. Therefore, we provide a range of security testing services to analyze the full attack surface. This involves thorough network, physical, and wireless assessments using the latest security testing tools. For companies seeking audits and penetration tests, rely on our experienced team.

We create a threat profile for you; this involves pinpointing which actors and threats pose the most risk to your organization. We then determine which security products and services will best deter the attacks, as well as integrating audit tools to alert if a breach happens. Teel Technologies provides multiple layers of testing and analysis to protect and secure your confidential data, assets, stakeholders, and employees against cyber criminals.

Network Penetration Testing

We simulate a cyber-security attack to detect rogue access points and other security vulnerabilities that hackers might otherwise find, thus further protecting your business.

Social Engineering and Phishing

Gain protection from social engineering and phishing attacks that threaten to compromise your sensitive data, using blocking techniques and other thoughtful strategies.

Physical Penetration Testing

This part of data and system security is overlooked, but we understand its importance, providing recommendations for how best to prevent malicious attackers from gaining physical entry to your facilities.

Hardware Security Audits

We conduct audits on your computer hardware and critical devices, using specific measurement tools and in-depth knowledge of analog signals to uncover application layer threats that require better security.

Cybersecurity Posture Assessments

Strengthen your company’s defensive posture through our systematic, repeatable assessments. Find out which issues need addressing and which ones to prioritize first.

Web Application Assessments

From automated scanning to missing parts of applications, our thorough web application assessment security testing is necessary to fully comprehend your organization’s vulnerabilities and seek the eradication of cyber-attacks.

Wireless and RF

Improve the security of RF (radio frequency) wireless technology to keep unauthorized attackers from accessing data on your wireless networks.

Inside Attacker (Evil Employee Assessment)

Find out the potential access points for a malicious attack on a system or network in your organization by someone who has authorized access to it, giving you insights to better secure your environment.

Blue Team Services

It is not a matter of “if” your systems will be targeted for an attack but instead “when.” With our expertise, though, you have the best opportunity to defend your assets against targeted attacks and threats and recover from malicious security events. Our team will incorporate advanced technologies and procedures to assess your system, devices, and data for unparalleled threat management, incident response, and recovery, and security containment capabilities.

Get scalable, flexible incident response solutions from a highly skilled security team when you choose Teel Technologies. We tailor our services to fit your needs. With a focus on analyzing security alerts in real time and boosting your cyber security and data protection, our goal is defending your business against careless and malevolent cyber intruders and rogue insiders.

The need for stringent security standards is essential, and there are many types of security incidents that can occur, including:

  • Existence of an unwanted malicious application, whether it be a virus or otherwise

  • Existence of an unusual or unforeseen program

  • Violation of existing computer security guidelines and policies

  • Unauthorized access to computer system or data

  • Denial-of-service attack disrupting business resources

  • Theft of computer equipment

  • Physical or virtual destruction to systems

Threat Analysis and Detection

Detecting cyber breaches starts with comprehending the environment and likely threats to how secure it is, by using the latest malware analysis tools and our skilled team.

Incident Response and Remediation

Our flexible methods provide a more effective incident response. Receive a cyber incident response plan that offers the best outcome for your business, and we support you through the full remediation cycle.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

A holistic take on your organization’s information security, a SIEM system collects security-related documentation to identify unusual events.

System Hardening and Assessment

Find out ways you may be exposed to attack and how to solve containment problems to protect your business reputation, maintain privacy, and prevent future attacks.

Security Architecture

By focusing on possible risks and necessities in different situations and environments, we can establish defense measures to secure your unique organization better.

Patch testing and Password Audits

We have the security experience to conduct patch testing and password audits properly to find exposures and provide a risk analysis report, explaining it to you with suggestions for improvement.


Receive comprehensive documentation to help prevent the security incident from reoccurring once we undergo the investigation process and ease the recovery process for you and your stakeholders.

Security Engineering Services


Count on us to engineer the solutions necessary to strengthen your network elements, defending your company against cyber-attacks by internal users. The best way to significantly reduce internal vulnerability is to build a secure architecture with defensive controls and monitoring abilities. What this looks like for your organization depends on several factors, including your system and the surrounding environment.

Thus, we custom fit our engineering services to your organization’s needs, rather than providing a one-size-fits-all approach. This comprehensive method includes architectural, physical and electronic dimensions to mitigate risks across a vast range of information security technology. Rest assured we always adhere to industry-specific security standards when you partner with us.


Advanced information system security measures that we provide are:

  • Custom Firewall and VPN Development

  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention

  • System Hardening (servers and clients)

  • Protection Against DDoS Attacks

  • HTTPS, SSL, and TLS encryption

Information Assurance


We strengthen your IT security levels to provide your company with superior protection against not only cyber hackers but also careless and malicious insider threats. Teel Technologies’ multi-layer approach gives you control over valuable data held within your systems, devices, and software to provide a strong defense against unwanted attackers.

Information security policies are integral given that they govern how your data is protected. Our trained specialists can review your existing security policies to ensure they meet relevant regulations and also conduct a gap analysis. We can then assist you in creating additional policies that are part of an effective security strategy that meets your business and security objectives for the eradication of cyber-attacks. We only move forward with implementing said policies with your executive management’s approval.

Expect a tailored solution for your needs when you use any of our dependable security services. Our professional information assurance services include:

  • Cyber Security Policy Creation and Implementation

  • Review of Existing Security Policy (author, ownership, and regulations)

  • Log Analysis

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