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Digital Forensics

Digital forensics is defined as the process of uncovering an interpreting electronic data.The goal of the process is to preserve any evidence in its most original form while performing a structured investigation by collecting, identifying and validating the digital information for the purpose of reconstructing past events.

Data Recovery

When traditional methods fail or you need our experts to dive deeper into the data, we are here to assist you. Most forensic tools that acquire and interpret data from mobile devices look for evidence in known locations. At Teel Technologies, our analysts have a proven track record of uncovering important data often overlooked by other tools. Locating your data and understanding how to interpret it often produces valuable pieces of evidence not otherwise found by an automated tool. Using all of our research and development in the ever changing field of mobile forensics, we make every effort to get the best representation of the data available.

Embedded Device Forensics

Embedded Forensics isn’t a new technology.  We’ve been extracting and analyzing data from these devices from day one.   Whether it be a credit or debit card skimming device, digital voice recorder or an answering machine, we have the proven methodology to extract, analyze and present this data in a readable format.

Traditional data is being found in non-traditional electronic equipment.  And we are using our mobile devices for other things besides making a phone call.  Teel Technologies always thinks outside the box.  Do you control devices with your mobile phone?  Maybe your automobile, your alarm system, your thermostat, or even your smart television.  By logging into these user accounts, GEO Location data may be present that may often times be overlooked.  This may include inculpatory or exculpatory data.  When your target is not behind a computer, he is probably next to his cell phone.  

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