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Cyber Crime

Cyber crime encompasses any criminal act dealing with computers and networks. Hacking is included in this category, as well as traditional cyber crime conducted through the Internet like Hate Crime and Bullying, Fraud, Identity Theft, and Larceny. Teel Technologies brings years of experience and a wealth of knowledge with fresh eyes to analyze data pertaining to any criminal act using electronic equipment.

Cloud, Email, and Social Media Forensics
Today, we are a society with busy lives and an on-the-go mentality. With hectic schedules, we require access to our data at any given time from any given location like home, work, school, and travel. Instant access to our information requires local access as well as cloud resources. The experts at Teel Technologies know how to handle this sensitive, yet important, data, and know how to access and analyze cloud storage.  If you are looking to acquire data from email, online storage, popular social media sites, we have proven technique and approach to gain access and download the data.
Online Resources

Investigations involving digital media like computers and mobile devices oftentimes leads to the Internet.  In order to gain additional evidence for your investigation, there may be a necessity to assess and analyze data from online accounts or from sources that have been accessed by means of these devices. We can help you find an online footprint or your target.  This may just be the probable cause you need for a search warrant to show that evidence will be found on your target's device.  Simply put...  If your target in online, then they are accessing the Internet from a computer or mobile device. 

Embedded Computing Devices

Having interconnected lives, users often interact, collaborate, and communicate with numerous smart devices throughout their day. This networking can leave behind data and other trace information that was not originally designed for tracking purposes. If available, our experts can find this data, which may be of benefit to your investigation.  


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