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Electronic Discovery is now present in all types of litigation and arbitration matters. Starting at the planning stages through execution and finishing with the review and management of the acquired data, our experienced team can assist you throughout the entire eDiscovery process. 

How we can assist you...

eDiscovery Neutral or eNeutral

Many companies and legal firms are using an "eDiscovery Neutral", a neutral party that serves as a mediator. eDiscovery disputes can be stressful and expensive as many parties are looking to find a means for resolving their issues out of court. Using TeelTech as your eNeutral makes the eDiscovery process efficient, cost effective and can help settle issues without the time and expense involved in litigating the disputes in court.

Case Consultation and Court Ordered Collections
Whether producing or seeking electronically stored data, we'll assist you with a cost effective and efficient solution. Our team will comply with any court order ensuring the preservation and collection of your data. We can assist with applications to obtain such authorizations by defining clear and specific descriptions of our processes, the nature of the data that is being sought, and the manner in which it will be reported. Trust our team to be unbiased when reviewing matters requiring independent third party review of data. 
Planning, Identification and Presentation
With decades of combined experience in the collection of computer data, we have worked on some of the most serious criminal cases. Rest assured that all data will be collected properly and that files and metadata will remain unmodified. Data will not be overwritten and all collections and processes will be transparent. Appropriate measures will be taken to ensure that only the most forensically sound procedures are followed in the identification and collection of the data sought. We carefully consult with our clients to make sure we understand the intricacies of your individual case.  Our team will also discuss in detail with you how the data and information needs to be presented and in what format is best suited for you.  Whether you are looking for PDF files, JPEG files, or proprietary files, we will deliver what you request. 
Expert Affidavit and Witness
Our experts have written and applied for hundreds, if not thousands, of affidavits in support of search warrant and search warrants and court orders.  With a wealth of forensic and criminal investigative knowledge, as well as actual testifying time, the Teel Technologies Team has the KNOWLEDGE, ABILITY, and EXPERIENCE to be your expert witness. 
Forensic Imaging, Data Warehousing and Secure Storage
Whether stored locally, on a network, or in the cloud, our team can produce forensically sound copies of data. Your data will be stored and secured for as long as you need it to be stored.  From the start of the original acquisition, moving to the processing, through to the completion, and ending with the deliverables, your data is safe with encryption and 24-hour security.  Your data will also be backed up in two separate locations so it will be there when you need it the most.
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