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Vehicle Forensics for Automotive Infotainment and Telematic Systems

Our Vehicle System Forensic services provide you with a non-destructive way to access data found in many of today’s In-Vehicle Infotainment systems.

In the past, cars often came with just the basics; generally no more than your standard issue AM/FM radio and CD player. However, with the advancements of smart phone technology, Bluetooth connectivity, and WiFi integration, most modern vehicles now include: navigation systems, video players, USB and Bluetooth connectivity, Carputers, in-car internet, and WiFi. These automotive infotainment and telematic systems provide our Digital Forensic team with a host of data that can be analyzed and reported on to assist in your case.

Our Vehicle System Forensics Division provides services to: Police Traffic and Major Crime Divisions, Covert Surveillance Units, Patrol Investigations, Computer/Mobile Phone Forensics Units, and more. The process can be applied to most modern vehicle brands and is non-destructive to the vehicle. Depending on the type of system being examined, our team can normally provide you with results in short time frame.


Advanced Vehicle Forensics

NEW! Introducing Chip-Off Services for Unsupported Berla Vehicles!
Teel Tech is your go-to source for data acquisition of Automotive Infotainment/Telematic system from vehicles that the Berla Forensics suite is unable to acquire. Our advanced services can provide a non-destructive solution, where available, and as a last resort we can use the Chip-off process to recover the data from the eMMC-NAND-NOR chips.

Clients will be provided with a bin file that is easily converted into a Berla iVe friendly format for decoding user data; or in a format in which user data can be extracted using manual processes with other forensic tools.

What Types of Data can be discovered?

Vehicle/System Information

  • Vehicle/System Information

  • Serial Number

  • Part Number

  • Original VIN Number

  • Build Number

Connected Devices

  • Phones

  • Media Players

  • USB Drives

  • SD Cards

  • Wireless Access Points

Installed Application Data

  • Weather

  • Traffic

  • Facebook

  • Twitter


  • Doors Opening/Closing

  • Lights On/Off

  • Bluetooth Connections

  • Wi-Fi Connections

  • USB Connections

  • System Reboots

  • GPS Time Syncs

  • Odometer Readings

  • Gear Indications

Device Information

  • Device IDs

  • Calls

  • Contacts

  • SMS

  • Audio

  • Video

  • Images

  • Access Point Information

Navigation Data

  • Tracklogs and Trackpoints

  • Saved Locations

  • Previous Destinations

  • Active and Inactive Routes

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